We are extremely sorry to inform you that last week there were major glitches to full system outages of the server infrastructure of the University, the consequences of this significant accident are still not eliminated. Unfortunately, among other destructive things, the accident affected the server that hosts the OJS system. According to the colleagues from the Directorate of Information Technology, the server is "completely destroyed", and presently it is not possible to recover any data. We are currently completing the OJS recovery from the distribution and alongside we are trying as much to fetch the Journal data from the existing archive copy. Now we have to state an unfavorable prognosis that we are likely to recover our data only from the first issue of the Journal and ending with data for April 2019, the recovery of more recent data, starting from April 2019, is extremely unlikely.
In view of all the above circumstances, we ask our authors to respond and send us reviews that were sent after April 2019, as well as all the corrected versions/revisions of the JLE submissions, so that we can have the opportunity to contribute these materials in the accounts.