Aims & Scope

Journal of Language and Education (JLE) is a high-quality open-access peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia. JLE provides a platform for researchers, academics, university lecturers, teachers, faculty professionals and practitioners to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality original research papers, reviews (systematic, scoping, and others), pilot studies, and book reviews. JLE publishes articles and reviews within the scope of language and linguistics (modern languages, applied linguistics, pragmatics, rhetoric, etc.), and in the niche of tertiary education, educational technologies and techniques.

Given its wide-ranging content, JLE is germane to a wide readership, including researchers, teachers, faculty professionals, students, and academic readers.

JLE Statistics
1. Articles Received in 2015: [291], Rejected: [257], Accepted: [34], Published: [34], Retracted: [0]
2. Articles Received in 2016: [343], Rejected: [309], Accepted: [34], Published: [34], Retracted: [0]
3. Articles Received in 2017: [431], Rejected: [395], Accepted: [36], Published: [36], Retracted: [0]
3. Articles Received in 2018: [628], Rejected: [591], Accepted: [37], Published: [37], Retracted: [0]

Most Downloaded Articles

                Most Cited Articles

  1. Language, Task and Situation: Authenticity in the Classroom
  2. Taking a MOOC: Socio-cultural Aspects of Virtual Interaction In a Multicultural Learning Community
  3. Postmodern Discourse and its Semiosis
  4. The Role of English as a Medium of Instruction in Reshaping Bahraini Senior Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Roles as Middle Leadership in their Schools
  5. Lexical Representation of Knowledge about a Human Being in English
  1. Self-Regulation Skills: Several Ways of Helping Students Develop Self-Regulated Learning
  2. Linguistic Approaches in Teaching History of Science and Technology Courses through a Content Block on Cognitive Sciences
  3. Investigating the Gap between L2 Grammar Textbooks and Authentic Speech: Corpus-Based Comparisons of Reported Speech
  4. Barack Obama and modern American caricature
  5. Slovak language of Roma children: Mother tongue or second language