Call for Special Issues



Specifically, a proposal for a special issue should include:

  • Working title
  • Guest editor(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Rational (500 words, explaining the scope and significance of the proposed theme)
  • List of contributors, affiliations, article titles and abstracts
  • Proposed timeline
  • Any additional information (multimedia, guest editorial, promotional opportunities, e.g. relevant conferences)

Please note that an author can be involved in only one paper.

Proposals for special issues should be sent directly to the Vice Editor-in-Chief, Professor Elena Tikhonova at who will then evaluate the proposal with the help of the Editorial board. The selection of the highest-quality proposal is the outcome of a collaborative evaluation by all members of the editorial board according to the following criteria:

  • Suitability of the topic for Journal of Language and Education.
  • Overall quality of the proposal: originality and contribution to the field.
  • Theoretical background and rationale of proposal and individual papers.
  • Methodological adequacy of the individual papers.
  • Clarity and significance of the results.
  • Quality of discussion and conclusions.
  • Completeness of the proposal.
  • Guest editor(s)’ experience in editorial work.

The proposal review process will take 1 week. Once the highest-quality proposal has been selected among those submitted, it will be the responsibility of the Guest Editor(s) to proceed within the agreed time-line. The papers for the selected proposal should be submitted online. Each will undergo a regular peer review.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Vice Editor-in-Chief for further details and clarifications.

We are looking forward to receiving your creative proposals!