Re-shaping JLE scope


Dear JLE Readers,

JLE editors are inspired to announce that the Journal of Language and Education has decided to refocus its scope adding studies on scholarly communication to the field of languages and education. This move is part of a strategic relaunch of the journal to provide greater attention to sharing and publishing research findings so that they could get available to a wider academic community. As you see from the above, the landscape of scholarly communication is changing under the influence of technology, internationalisation, global and national policies. These challenges demand new considerations. We are willing to provide an international source of peer-reviewed information on scholarly communication at large, with language- and education-related issues in closeup. It will cover such niches and issues as academic writing, writing for publishing, science editing, canonical patterns and non-standard irregularities of scholarly and academic texts, English as an Additional Language (EAL), English as lingua franca and multilingualism, literacy brokerage, journal writing conventions, structural and thesis-driven aspects of scholarly writing, research readability, self-awareness of writing confidence, publishing norms, fostering academic writing skills, writing-enriched university curricula, moves and steps theory and practice in scholarly writing, rhetoric schemas.

Moreover, after several months of planning and re-thinking our strategy, we decided to expand the Education section coverage. The journal will publish original articles on changing universities and their missions, education reframing, innovative models of teaching and progressive learning technologies (flipped class, mixed learning, deep active learning, etc.), virtual education and MOOCs, gamification and game-based curricula, redefining of quality of tertiary education and international rankings, mobility and autonomy in higher education. The list is certain to be regularly updated as the educational settings are prone to fast and constant change.

Looking forward to new inspiring submissions from our authors!

Best Regards,
JLE Editors