Self-efficacy and Metacognition as the Mediated Effects of Growth Mindset on Academic Writing Performance

Keywords: academic writing performance, EFL undergraduate thesis, growth mindset, metacognition, self-efficacy


Background: Various studies have highlighted the theoretical roles of growth mindset, self-efficacy, and metacognition in academic writing. However, the clarity regarding which variables act as mediators in this context remains underexplored.

Purpose: This study investigates how self-efficacy and metacognition mediate the effects of a growth mindset on academic writing performance among EFL students. It aims to clarify the mediating roles of these variables, directing the development of four research hypotheses and a conceptual model.

Method: The study employed a structural equation modelling (SEM) method using the PLS-SEM analysis. Participants included 464 EFL undergraduate students from 28 provinces in Indonesia, who were working on their theses. They completed a series of valid and reliable scales online.

Results: Analysis revealed that growth mindset significantly influences self-efficacy for ideation and metacognition. Further, self-efficacy in ideation, convention, and self-regulation, along with metacognition, effectively mediated the relationship between growth mindset and academic writing performance.

Conclusion: The findings suggest that growth mindset significantly impacts academic writing performance through its influence on self-efficacy and metacognition. This underscores the importance of these mediators in enhancing academic writing competence. Consequently, EFL writing lecturers and thesis supervisors should focus on interventions that strengthen these attributes. Future research should continue to explore effective strategies to enhance metacognition and self-efficacy, thereby contributing to the broader field of EFL education.


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PrihandokoL. A., MorgannaR., & Nugrah AmaliaS. (2024). Self-efficacy and Metacognition as the Mediated Effects of Growth Mindset on Academic Writing Performance. Journal of Language and Education, 10(2), 108-122.