Assessment under Covid-19: Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes towards Their Online Thesis Proposal Presentations vs. Face-to-face

Keywords: Covid-19, higher education, online education, thesis proposal, online oral assessment


This study conducted in an EFL setting investigates students’ perception of the thesis proposal presentation in an online format due to safety concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fifty-five students aged 20-22 years old, level B2-C1 in English, in their fourth year of a Business Informatics Bachelor’s programme at HSE University, Moscow, were surveyed regarding their end-of-course assessment experience, which involved a Skype online presentation, rather than the usual face-to-face presentation. Data were collected using a researcher-made questionnaire consisted of 3 sections and 12 items. A mixed-method approach using quantitative and qualitative data was employed. The findings indicate that emergency transition to the new format did not affect students’ satisfaction or results of the presentation. Overall, students were more than satisfied with the online format, and the results were similar, if not better, than in previous years. To minimise the disadvantages of this format, recommendations for teachers and students were offered. This study might offer new insight on the most appropriate and beneficial oral testing system for students and staff.


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Author Biographies

Olga Stognieva, HSE University

Olga Stognieva is an associate professor, currently working at the School of Foreign Languages, HSE University, Moscow, Russia. She obtained her Ph.D.  in the methodology of teaching EFL at Moscow State Pedagogical University. She is involved in teaching ESP and EAP and materials development for Bachelor students. Her areas of research are academic skills, assessment, and a personalized approach to teaching English in higher education.

Victor Popov, HSE University

Victor Popov is a full professor, currently working at the Department of Business Informatics, Graduate Business School, HSE University, Moscow, Russia. He obtained his Doctoral Degree in the mathematical modeling at the Institute of Applied Mathematics. He is involved in undergraduate, graduate and post graduate education and scientific research. His research areas are data analysis and modeling.

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Stognieva, O., & Popov, V. (2021). Assessment under Covid-19: Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes towards Their Online Thesis Proposal Presentations vs. Face-to-face. Journal of Language and Education, 7(4), 139-155.