Initial Language Teacher Education: Components Identified in Research

Keywords: Language Initial Teacher Education, student teachers, conceptualization, teacher education components


Research Background: Initial Language Teacher Education (ILTE) has moved conceptually from technical-oriented visions to socio-cultural perspectives that integrate cultural, historical and institutional settings where teachers shape their professional identities. However, relevant discussion in the field indicates that ILTE configurations are grounded on conceptual frameworks that fail to represent the complex nature of teacher preparation.
Gap in knowledge and Purpose of the study: In this systematic review we explore whether recent conceptual ILTE understandings are acknowledged in current research as this information is relevant for stakeholders in education.
Method: For this reason, this systematic review aims at analysing what teacher education components are addressed in such research in nationally ranked academic journals from 2014 to 2019 and how those components were researched.
Findings and value added: Findings indicate areas related to student teachers’ learning are still at the forefront in ILTE. Additionally, that area is still inquired from a disjoint and discreet perspective. Results also show growing discussion about the teacher as a person and contextual elements from a more holistic and interconnected perspective acknowledging the integrative nature of components affecting pre-service language teachers’ education.


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García ChamorroM., GamboaM. R., & MendinuetaN. R. (2022). Initial Language Teacher Education: Components Identified in Research. Journal of Language and Education, 8(1), 231-245.