Digital Support for Teaching Punctuation in Academic Writing in English

Keywords: higher education, academic writing, digital support, writing skills, punctuation


Background. Academic writing skills are crucial to the enterprise of higher education, because much of the academic communication is in writing. As a rule, foreign language learners face different problems with vocabulary misuse, grammatical errors, spelling, capitalization, punctuation and some others when write academic texts in English. There are various technologies for solving these problems. One of them is digital support, because traditional types of academic writing instruction in the classroom are not always sufficient.

Purpose. The present study researches the influence of digital support on students’ knowledge and punctuation skills in academic writing in English.

Methods. The paper summarizes the results of an empirical study: training punctuation in academic writing lessons for two groups of students. The control group was applied a face-to-face and a text-book based traditional methodology. The experimental group was trained not only with a basic text-book but also with digital support. The level of knowledge and abilities in punctuation were measured with three final tests.

Results. The results obtained indicate that digital support has significant didactic potential that is why it should be applied permanently in academic writing training process.



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IvanovaM., ArupovaN., & MekekoN. (2022). Digital Support for Teaching Punctuation in Academic Writing in English. Journal of Language and Education, 8(3), 81-96.