Russian Students’ Associative View of Germans

  • Vasiliy Glushak MGIMO University
Keywords: psycholinguistics, semantic form, stereotype, lingua-cultural community, naive linguistic picture, Russian


The article investigates semantic forms of the association field ‘German’ in the linguistic consciousness of Russian students. It systematises Russian stereotypical ideas of Germans through a word association experiment. Five thematic areas of the semantic form ‘German’ are described. Both direct (from stimulus to response) and inverse (from response to stimulus) test items probing the associative field ‘German’ were analysed. The results indicate how stable stereotypical ideas of Germans are in the consciousness of today’s Russian students.


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Author Biography

Vasiliy Glushak, MGIMO University

Department of German

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Glushak, V. (2015). Russian Students’ Associative View of Germans. Journal of Language and Education, 1(1), 51-58.