A Pre-Experimental Study on a Process-Genre Approach for Teaching Essay Writing

Keywords: academic writing, EFL learners, opinion essay, process-genre approach, socotra


This study explored the feasibility of using a process-genre approach (PGA) for teaching academic writing from the perspective of EFL undergraduates. The sample consisted of 15 students enrolled in a four-year English program at the College of Education in Socotra, Yemen during the academic year 2018-2019. The study followed a pre-experimental design in which a pretest was given to the sample, and an extensive 30-hours program was pursued using the PGA. Additionally, ten informants were singled out for interviews to explore their opinions about the PGA-based teaching they experienced during the experiment. A Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test was used to calculate the degree of significance in students’ improvement on opinion essay writing (Z=3.408, p < 0.05) between the pretest and posttest in favor of the latter. The findings also revealed that students had positive perceptions towards the PGA that was applied by their instructors. The findings suggest that applying such an approach in writing courses could engage learners in writing practices that they view positively.



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Bin-HadyW. R. A., NasserA. N. A. N., & Al-KadiA. T. (2020). A Pre-Experimental Study on a Process-Genre Approach for Teaching Essay Writing. Journal of Language and Education, 6(4), 44-54. https://doi.org/10.17323/jle.2020.10347