Exploring the Impact of Process-genre Approach on Learners’ Academic Writing and Higher Order Thinking Skills

Keywords: academic writing, higher-order thinking skills, mixed methods, process-genre approach


Background. The study of using process-genre approach that was used to increase the writing competence had been conducted by many researchers. However, the contirbution of this learning approach for HOTs aspects has not been done by many researchers, especially on learning writing Indonesian

Purpose. Many studies only focused on one research approach, consequently, the finding was not quite comprehensive. Besides, to examine the effect of process-genre approach on academic writing competence and HOTs, this research also aimed to explore attitude and students’ expectation on their learning experience by using this approach.

Method. The research used a sequential, mixed-method explanatory approach. Two grades were randomly chosen to enroll in the experimental class and a monitoring class of up to 52 students. The individual is a member of the Indonesian language education department who is currently taking the writing 1 course at the Bengkulu University, Indonesia. There are two instruments used in this analysis, the writing test & HOTs test for Quantitative statistics and semi-structured qualitative data interviews. The data from the writing test and the HOTs were quantitatively analysed for the paired sample t-test, the stand-alone sample t-test and the MANOVA, while the interview data were analysed using thematic analysis techniques.

Results and Implications. The results have found that process-genre approach had a substantial positive effect on scholarly writing and student HOTs. Besides, thematic research also reveals that there are favorable views and expectations of students regarding the influence of the process-genre approach towards academic writing and student HOTs. This finding is iexpected to enrich knowledge about how students could enhance their writing ability and HOTs by using process-genre approach.


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