Academic Development in Research Focus

Keywords: academic development, university, faculty, staff development, research, professional development, teaching, learning


Introduction: The editorial aims to revisit the field of academic development as it is being researched worldwide. The JLE editors analyse the notion, its origin, domains, and implementation trajectories in various countries.
Overview of Global Research on Academic Development: A short overview of the previously published research on academic development shows that most publications date between 2000 and 2020, with a focus on teaching and learning, trajectories in higher education, trends in practices of academic developers, and research as part of academic development. The authors also dwell upon the research competencies and support to the researchers that have become an integral part of academic development programmes in many countries.
Survey: To clarify the attitudes to academic development in the regions that took up academic development some ten years ago, a Survey on Perceptions of Academic Development was conducted among university staff in Russia. It found out the placement of academic development in higher education.
Conclusion: Summing up the key issues relating to academic development, the JLE editors outline the research agenda on academic development for potential authors.


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TikhonovaE., & RaitskayaL. (2022). Academic Development in Research Focus. Journal of Language and Education, 8(1), 5-10.

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