Pressure to Publish Internationally: Scholarly Writing Coming to the Fore

Keywords: scholarly publishing, academic English, scholarly communication, writing for publication, international journal, English as an Additional Language (EAL), intelligibility


JLE editors touch upon the trends and challenges arising out of the changing landscape of scholarly communication as well as two sets of major problems non-Anglophone researchers face in publishing their research in international English-language journals. Firstly, if not desk rejected, they encounter continuous revisions of their submissions to such journals. Secondly, English as lingua franca of international scholarly communication may lead to some disengagement of national scholarly elites who essentially publish in English and to a wider national scientific community decoupled from English and limited to their native language communication. Given the challenges, the editorial offers a refined and widened JLE scope regarding language- and education-related issues of scholarly written communication.


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RaitskayaL., & TikhonovaE. (2020). Pressure to Publish Internationally: Scholarly Writing Coming to the Fore. Journal of Language and Education, 6(1), 4-7.

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